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Safeguarding Policy

1  Policy

1.1   It is the policy of Portsmouth Disability Forum (PDF) to ensure that the welfare of children and are considered whilst providing services for parents, carers and other professionals.

2  For matters arising in Portsmouth City:

2.1  The Portsmouth City Council procedures, available at:

 http://4lscb.proceduresonline.com/chapters/contents.html#safeguarding must be adhered to.

3  Responsibilities

PDF will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all staff and volunteers associated with the charity, who may have such contact, are people of integrity and can be trusted with the welfare of children. We are committed to 'safe' recruitment of all staff and volunteers who have direct or indirect contact with children.

3.1   In the event that any volunteer or staff member identifies any child at risk then the following procedures will be implemented:

4  Aim

4.1   To ensure that children are protected from deliberate or accidental harm whilst being supported by any of PDF services.

5  Procedures

5.1   If you have concerns about a child's welfare you MUST:

5.2   Discuss your concerns with your manager, or duty manager, whichever is available. 

5.3   If a manager is not immediately available and you believe the child is at significant risk of harm you should immediately refer the matter to the local authorities’ children’s social care department 023 92839111 to discuss the case with them. If the decision is made that the concerns raised necessitate emergency action then the multi-agency protocols will be followed.

6  Action 

Following discussions with your manager either of the following steps must be taken:

  • If the concerns about the child’s welfare remain then you or your manger should immediately refer the matter to the local authorities social care department to discuss the case with them.
  • If your concerns are considered not to put at risk the welfare of the child then other appropriate action needs to be agreed and implemented. This may take the form of a referral to another agency or actions which PDF can put in place.

6.1   All discussions must be documented (date, times and names) along with the actions which each party has agreed to carry out.

6.2  In reaching a decision with your manager it may be appropriate to seek advice from other agencies in order to understand the child’s needs and circumstances (it may not be necessary to identify the child in question to do this).

6.3   A flow chart of the procedure to be followed is shown at Appendix 1 and a list of contacts for Portsmouth City Council is shown at Appendix 2.

7  Confidentiality

7.1   PDF’s Confidentiality Policy allows information to be disclosed without the parents, carers or child’s permission where Safeguarding matters are being considered or implemented. The Confidentiality Policy should be used if you feel a discussion of the circumstances you have witnessed, or been informed of, with the parent or carer would put you at risk or further jeopardise the safety of the child.

7.2   However, it is acceptable to discuss the situation with the parent or carer, if you feel this would be beneficial to relationships and not increase the risk for yourself or the child.

8  Approval and Amendment History

Authorised at Trustees’ Meeting held

Amendment History






 20th July 2016

 New PCC process 

 Needs to adhere to  PCC Protocols 

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